2003 Snowmobile Trip to
Yellowstone National Park
December 28, 2002 - January 3, 2003

This was the Ward's 5th snowmobile trip to Yellowstone country and the 2nd year for the Adventure Club, Asbury United Methodist Church in Bossier City, LA to go.  This year we had 27 people from ages 5 to over seventy and we rented 17 snowmobiles.  Part of the group went to Salt Lake City where they attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform their live Sunday morning live radio/TV program from the Mormon Tabernacle.   The choir has been doing this for 75 years.  The program begins at 9:30am every Sunday and is free and open to the public.  Casual dress is permitted.  The doors open at 8:30 am for the rehearsal.  The other group went to Jackson Hole for skiing, tubing and sight seeing.  We all arrived in West Yellowstone, MT on Monday, December 30th and stayed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Hotel.  We snowmobile for the next 3 days both in and out of the park.  This may be the last year for snowmobiles to go into the park without a guide.  If the park is eventually closed to snowmobiles, there are over 600 miles of trails outside of the park and the scenery is just as good, but you do not see much wildlife.  The photos are a compilation of photos from the group.


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